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BACKGROUND:  After finding out that events such as the Sri Lanka Tsunami, and the London tunnel bombings were directly connected to my life, along with non stop presence of abuse, torture and warfare, I researched and found out about the existence of the International Criminal Court. I wrote them a letter in September 2007, and got a response stating they filed a case on my behalf. The letter dated September 23, 2007.

背景:このようスリランカ津波、そしてロンドンのトンネル爆破事件などのイベントが直接虐待、拷問や戦争のノンストップの存在と一緒に、私の人生に接続されていたことを見つけた後、私は研究と国際刑事の存在を知りました 裁判所。 私は2007年9月に彼らに手紙を書いた、そして、彼らは私に代わってケースを提出した旨の応答を得ました。 手紙は2007年9月23日の日付。

Please share the information below with any Government authority, friends and family members, and raise your voices. 

Genocide needs to be confronted publicly as genocide instead of as a natural disaster. 

Investigations on genocide need to be publicly announced and publicly confronted so more people can be aware and support it, bringing quick results instead of years of cover up and pain for the victims.


Timeline of events after the case was filed:

Winter 2007: I moved back to Europe, cause stay in America was unbearable.

Spring 2008: I return back to America, after no success and no communication from the ICC or any Government of Macedonia, while I received a e-mail stamped from the European Union that they are working on my case.

Spring 2009: Obama paid off 4 trillion dollars.

Spring 2009: Disappointed from Government corruption I decided to move back to Europe to try to renounce my USA citizenship.

January 2010: Haiti quakes with estimates of 250,000 lives lost, during my 2nd attempt to renounce my USA citizenship, once again with direct connections to my life.

March 2011: Japan quakes with over 15,000 dead during my 3rd attempt to renounce my USA citizenship.

Fall 2013: Returned to the USA, and renounced my Macedonian citizenship due to Government corruption and no help.

Many more smaller incidents have occurred during the years not listed here.


Goranco Petrovski そして Harrison Petrovski
Goranco Petrovski そして Harrison Petrovski

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