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BACKGROUND:  After finding out that events such as the Sri Lanka Tsunami, and the London tunnel bombings were directly connected to my life, along with non stop presence of abuse, torture and warfare, I researched and found out about the existence of the International Criminal Court. I wrote them a letter in September 2007, and got a response stating they filed a case on my behalf. The letter dated September 23, 2007. 

背景:在发现了斯里兰卡海啸和伦敦隧道爆炸等事件,以及不间断的虐待、酷刑和战争与我的生活有直接相关之后,我作出研究并发现了国际刑事法庭的存在。 我于2007年9月给他们写了一封信,并得到了回复,说他们代我提交了一个案子。 这封信的写定日期为2007年9月23日。  

Please share the information below with any Government authority, friends and family members, and raise your voices.  Genocide and Government secrets needs to be confronted publicly as genocide instead of as a natural disaster.  Investigations and education on genocide need to be publicly announced and publicly confronted so more people can be aware and support it, bringing quick results instead of years of cover up and pain for the victims.

 请与任何政府机构、朋友和家人分享以下信息,把您的声音放大。 种族灭绝必须公开地以种族灭绝之名来面对而不是视之为自然灾害。 对种族灭绝的调查必须公开宣布并公然承认面对,以便让更多的公众能够意识到并支持它,进而带来快速的结果,而不是多年的掩盖和受害者的痛苦。  

Timeline of events after the case was filed: Winter 2007: I moved back to Europe, cause stay in America was unbearable. Spring 2008: I return back to America, after no success and no communication from the ICC or any Government of Macedonia, while I received a e-mail stamped from the European Union that they are working on my case. Spring 2009: Obama paid off 4 trillion dollars. Spring 2009: Disappointed from Government corruption I decided to move back to Europe to try to renounce my USA citizenship. January 2010: Haiti quakes with estimates of 250,000 lives lost, during my 2nd attempt to renounce my USA citizenship, once again with direct connections to my life. March 2011: Japan quakes with over 15,000 dead during my 3rd attempt to renounce my USA citizenship. Fall 2013: Returned to the USA, and renounced my Macedonian citizenship due to Government corruption and no help. Many more smaller incidents have occurred during the years not listed here.

 案件提交后的事件时间表: 2007年冬季:我搬回到欧洲,因为留在美国是不堪忍受的。 2008年春季:在没有结果,也没有受到来自国际刑事法院或任何马其顿政府的沟通之后,我回到美国,与此同时我收到一封来自欧盟的电子邮件,表示他们正在处理我的案件。 2009年春季:奥巴马支付了4兆美元。 2009年春季:对政府的腐败感到失望我决定回到欧洲,并试图放弃我的美国国籍。 2010年1月:在我第二次尝试放弃我的美国公民身份时,海地发生地震,估计有25万人丧生,再次直接关系到我的生活。 2011年3月:在我第三次尝试放弃美国国籍时,日本发生了地震,有超过15,000人的死亡事故。 2013年秋季:由于政府腐败而我也没有获得任何帮助,我放弃了我的马其顿公民身份并返回美国。 在此处未列出这些年份中所发生的更多更小的事件。

Goranco Petrovski 和 Harrison Petrovski

Goranco Petrovski 和 Harrison Petrovski

Government Secret Code DVD Preview

Preview of Government Secret Code documentary, in this video Goranco Petrovski breaks down codes from the beginning of Government History as well as recent events

Insights of the Bible revealed

Goranco Petrovski, the number 1 victim of crime in the world, reveals the beginning of the bible and connections of easy explanation to the modern world.  The codes for Cain and Abel, meaning of Atom and Evolution to Adam and Eve 


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